BC Residential Property Values:  Valuated by Landcor Since 2010 = $55 TRILLION!

While most Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) use only multiple regression or variations of regression to provide market estimates, Landcor Data Corporation's analytical AVM tools use both multiple regression and state-of the art algorithms to estimate current market value. Landcor's AVM starts with hedonic regression, which takes a broad look at comparability. It defines sales as being similar and recent if they took place in a similar region, have sold recently, and are a similar property type. The formula then calculates statistical weights, and derives a market value indexed against recent sales prices of similar properties. Taking into account market conditions and neighbourhood trends, Landcor's Property Valuator™ tool provides property values that are updated to the day you order a report. 

Landcor's strategic partnership with BC Assessment gives us detailed information on 2+ million properties in British Columbia, ensuring that our AVM reports are among the most accurate reports available. The only automated market valuation that provides an objective single value, Landcor's Property Valuator™ is designed to take all of a property's characteristics into account. 

Available within seconds, Landcor's AVM tools save time, money, and resources—and help lower the cost of valuating a property.

At Landcor, we're redefining the industry standard in AVM technology.

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