Landcor’s comprehensive database allows us to deliver current property valuations, along with historical insights to help with your lending decisions or market research. In addition to our proprietary residential valuation reports, we also offer supplementary registry, title and property documents to complete your research without having to visit multiple websites.  

Access our Quick Product Guide to learn more about these products or request a copy of our complete Product and Usage Guide by emailing [email protected].

Our Products

  • The Property ValuatorTM
  • Adjusted Value ProfilerTM
  • The Property ProfilerTM
  • Historic Property Valuator (AVM*)
  • Economic Rent
  • Title Search Plus
  • Property Identification & Location Report (PID Lookup)
  • The Neighbourhood AnalyserTM
  • Rural Property Tax Certificate
  • BC Registry Services Search (Corporate Search)
  • Property Tax Certificate
  • Current Title with Cancelled Charges
  • Documents and Plans
  • Name Search
  • Historic Title & Title Number Search
  • Mortgage Form B Document