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Detailed information that will help you accurately value a home or property, Landcor has access to any sale—private or public—that happens in British Columbia, including those on MLS and FSBO.

As a professional, you know the importance of providing accurate, timely appraisals. Landcor’s AVM tools save you—and your clients—time and money.

Landcor combines the largest data set available in British Columbia with our proprietary algorithms to provide you with fast, accurate data on your subject properties—whatever type they may be. With access to unique characteristics on 2+ million properties in British Columbia, Landcor gives you up-to-the-minute valuations on everything from a Vancouver condominium to a ranch in the Kootenays.

Wherever you do business, with Landcor you can find the best comparable and sales information available in the industry. Our online reports can help you track market trends, find detailed property records, and verify a property’s true market value. Landcor has developed the Appraiser Professional™, a tool built specifically for appraisers by appraisers. Our Appraiser Professional™ lets you search property sales and details in any region in the province, helping you develop your comparative market analysis. Landcor helps you serve your clients better.

The industry leader, Landcor is your one-stop shop for real estate valuation. Contact us today to sign up for the Appraiser Professional™ -