Sam Hodson
LandQuest Realty Corporation

A unique real estate corporation that specializes in rural, recreational, and investment properties in British Columbia, LandQuest has established a database that features a vast array of properties—from small acreages to large trophy ranches. But the challenge is valuing the types of real estate they sell—and that's why they rely on Landcor. 

"Most of the properties we deal with are in rural areas," says LandQuest Realtor Sam Hodson. "The amount of sales of these types of properties is so small that it can be difficult to value the real estate."

Often times, farms, ranches and development parcels aren't sold on the market, but through private sales instead. "I can search any sale, private or public, and that information isn't available anywhere except through Landcor Data," Hodson says. "Without knowing about those private sales, it would be difficult to accurately price real estate in those areas."

Landcor's reports enable LandQuest to help their clients price their properties correctly. "The key," says Hodson, "is to price it right from the beginning. And the data Landcor provides helps us do that for our clients."