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As a real estate professional, you’re already an expert in your field. But with Landcor, you’ll be even more of an expert.

Specifically developed for realtors, Landcor’s Real Estate Professional service gives you more detailed information than that available on other property listing networks. Our longstanding relationship with BC Assessment gives us access to unique characteristics on 1.88 million properties in British Columbia. That key information, which is updated weekly, helps you get to know your market even better.

With detailed information that will help you accurately value a home or property, Landcor has access to any sale—private or public—that happens in British Columbia, including those on MLS and FSBO.

Our industry-leading valuation system not only helps you value a property—but also helps you find similar property sales in the neighbourhood for your comparative market analysis.

Find out more about what Landcor can do for you. Contact us today.

Valuable listing information for real estate professionals, available within seconds.