Canada Guaranty
Randal Slavans, Director of Adjudication Strategy

Mortgage insurer Canada Guaranty is the only mortgage insurance company in Canada that is 100 per cent Canadian-owned—something they take a great deal of pride in. Offering a comprehensive range of products, Canada Guaranty mortgage insurance protects lenders and investors from losses related to borrower default and foreclosure. 

Landcor's valuation services help Canada Guaranty assess the level of risk in their mortgage portfolios. "As a mortgage insurer, when we look at a loan application the first thing we do is determine whether we can trust the property value provided," says Randal Slavans of Canada Guaranty. "We use Landcor's AVM as a primary tool to determine property valuation in British Columbia. The quality of data available through Landcor is excellent."

In partnership with high quality lenders, Canada Guaranty combines superior analytics with sound underwriting to ensure borrowers have the means to stay in their homes for the long term. 

"Using Landcor's AVM tool allows us get a decision to our clients much more quickly—and relative to a full appraisal, Landcor's AVM is cost-effective."