As a mortgage underwriter, your clients rely on you to help assess lending risk and provide residential mortgage default insurance. Landcor offers the tools you need for fast, accurate property valuation and assessment.

With an agreement with BC Assessment, Landcor is the only automated valuation provider with access to detailed information for 1.88 million properties in British Columbia. Our property database is updated weekly with all of the 3,000 to 9,000 property sales transactions that take place across the province—meaning Landcor offers the most up-to-date property valuation tools available. Tested independently, our automated valuation is rated the best and most accurate in B.C. Fast, accurate, and cost-effective, our AVM tools save you and your clients time and money.

From our portfolio stress testing services and custom reports and tools, Landcor can help you determine overall portfolio risk exposure, and anticipate areas with greater risk before it affects your portfolio. Landcor’s proprietary tools can help you meet your clients’ needs—all while maintaining a sound mortgage finance system.

Let Landcor give you the advantage. Try our AVM tools today. 

Landcor’s AVM tools save you—and your clients—time and money.