As an insurance professional, you know the insurance industry is a competitive one. At Landcor, we can help you gain an advantage in your market.

With customized reports that help you determine your market share within a defined area, and detailed information and property insights, Landcor can help you identify and key in on market possibilities and business development opportunities. In addition to Landcor’s wealth of data on 1.88 million properties in the province, we also update our database with recent property sales weekly. In fact, each week, Landcor receives information on 3,000 to 9,000 sales transactions, from all across B.C. With this incredible resource and unique insight, Landcor can help you reach potential customers looking to insure their new homes.

Target—and reach—potential new customers with Landcor’s real estate intelligence and unique solutions. From locating active regions, such as new subdivisions, to profiling niche markets, Landcor’s reports use the most accurate and reliable property data available in the province.

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Target—and reach—potential customers with Landcor.