Your community's credit unions are the backbone of responsible lending, empowering their members to achieve their dreams of homeownership. When it comes to one of the most significant investments in their financial lives—their mortgage—credit unions turn to trusted resources like Landcor.

In the quest for precise property valuations, credit unions rely on Landcor's expertise. Our commitment to serving the community is evident in our tailored mortgage portfolio services. Through our proprietary automated valuation model (AVM), we deliver current and reliable market values for nearly every home in British Columbia instantly. These valuations aren't just numbers; they're insights that empower credit unions to assess lending risks, market exposure, and insurance risks accurately.

But our support doesn't stop there. We understand the importance of maintaining clean and updated databases to ensure seamless operations. That's why we offer services to clean, update, and standardize databases, aligning them with BC Assessment records.

Credit unions across the province trust Landcor's products to gain a competitive edge in lending decisions. When they need a second opinion, our tools like the Residential Property Review stand ready to offer objective insights. Furthermore, our stress-testing procedures, meeting federal and provincial regulations, help credit unions assess their overall mortgage portfolio risk exposure.

From straightforward valuations to comprehensive reports guiding lending decisions and determining monthly mortgage loads, Landcor provides a suite of reports accessible with just a click. With Landcor, credit unions can make informed lending decisions that benefit both their members and the communities they serve.

Credit unions rely on Landcor for swift, accurate property valuations because they understand the vital role these valuations play in supporting their members' homeownership aspirations.


Mortgage professionals rely on Landcor for fast, accurate property valuation.