Your clients look to you for answers on one of the biggest investments in their financial lives: their mortgage. For fast, accurate valuation of a potential homeowner’s property, mortgage professionals rely on Landcor.

Receive current and reliable property valuations for your entire mortgage portfolio with Landcor’s mortgage portfolio services. Our proprietary automated valuation model (AVM) provides you with the current market value of almost every home in B.C., instantly and accurately. Use these values to assess your lending risk, market exposure, and insurance risk. Landcor can also clean, update, and standardize your database, ensuring that addresses and descriptions match BC Assessment records.

Used by financial institutions across the province, Landcor’s products give you the advantage in your lending decisions. And when you need an objective second opinion, we can help with tools such as our Residential Property Review, and more. On a larger scale, we can help you assess your overall mortgage portfolio risk exposure with our stress-testing procedures, which meet federal and provincial regulations.

From simple valuations to reports that help you assess risk and determine your client’s monthly mortgage load, Landcor’s wide range of reports are just a click away.

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