Rudy Nielsen wants to empower the real estate consumer.

His company's new online residential real estate service offers property valuation and analysis from a deeper well than previously available.

"For many years, the Multiple Listing

Service only had the data and it was only available to the agents," says Nielsen, president of Landcor Data Corp. [www.].

"We've decided to make it available to the public and the agents.

"The MLS only has part of the information. We have all sales, including the private sales.

"When a contractor, for example, sells out an entire condo unit, he does it by himself and real estate doesn't get involved in that."

In its database, which is updated weekly, Landcor has the assessed values and related historical data for more than 1.6 million homes and properties in B.C.

The information comes from B.C. Assessment and other private sources. The website tools include:

- Property profiler -- A report that includes the assessed value, lot size, finished area, year built, number of bedrooms, bathroom, last four sales and a graph of neighbourhood sales. Cost is $5.95.

- Property valuator -- Provides an estimate of value for a residential property based on sales of comparables. Detailed information on the subject and the comparables is included. Cost is $29.95.

- Sales analyzer -- Examines sales activity for defined types of properties in selected locations and time frames and reports in graph form. Cost is $9.95 or $19.95.

- Property analyzer -- Searches all properties in defined areas. Cost is $5.20 for one to 10 searches.

Landcor also does more complex custom reports